Join The Market

The Farmers Market provides a market guarantee for vendors produce throughout the year.

Vendors who wish to join the Market must apply at the Aspindale Park site offices. A registration fee will be charged to process each vendor application and parking space cards will be assigned once the registration has been approved. Vendors that have been put on the waiting list will be notified as soon as space becomes available at the Market. Vendors on the waiting list who wish to check their status should enquire at the Aspindale Park site offices or email

Vendors are required to pay a monthly rental fee for space at the Market.

Any property of the vendors, including vehicles, tables, products, boxes, signs or any part of their booth should not be places outside the designated vendor space which will be marked on the pavement. Spaces allocated to vendors may vary.

Vendors are responsible for keeping their spaces attractive and clean during the market, as well as removal of their refuse and unsold products from the Market premises at the close of business every day.

All vendors are required to adhere to all the regulations of the Farmers Market. Failure to do so will result in expulsion of the vendor from the Market.

All enquiries should be done at the Farmers Market offices and emails sent to

Open from 0500 to 1900 hours daily


Aspindale Park Farmers Market gives farmers a platform to sell their produce to wholesalers, food processors, supermarkets and consumers in its freshest and tastiest form.  The Farmers Market has the following benefits for farmers:

All farmers interested in being part of the Farmers Market should apply to be added to the Farmers Database.

Registration forms are available at the Aspindale Park Office (terms and conditions apply).

A once-off registration fee is payable.

Farmers are to pay a daily fee to offload their produce.


Selling time from 0500 to 1100 hours daily

Stocking time from 1400 to 1900 hours daily

Fresh, local produce will be sold at the Farmers Market every day.
The Market is organised and runs efficiently to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for all buyers.
A spacious parking area, clean ablutions, on site security and a restaurant are available for your convenience.

For bulk buyers, there are organised loading bays and manpower available FREE OF CHARGE to ensure the smooth flow of loading.

Open from 0500 to 1100 hours daily